Adjective or adverb? | Exercise with answers

Adjective or adverb? | Exercise with answers

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 3

Complete the following sentences with the appropriate adjective or adverb:

Example:  She works slow/slowly. → She works slowly.

  1. She is a very  person.
  2. Paul thanked Frank  for all his help.
  3. Actually, the dish tasted .
  4. The hospital was burnt down last year.
  5. She looked at me  when I told her the news.
  6. The house was in a  state.
  7. I don’t  agree with you.
  8. It was a  mess.
  9. The cold weather is .
  10. It’s  cold today.


  1. warm
  2. warmly
  3. wonderful
  4. tragically
  5. sadly
  6. sad
  7. fully
  8. complete
  9. awful
  10. awfully

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