All grammar rules in english PDF


On this page you will find grammar lessons that you can download totally for free in PDF. The links for the PDF are in each lessons.

With these lessons, you’ll be able to learn english grammar in use, step by step, even if you are a beginner. Of course, you’ll also find more advanced grammar lessons.

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    1. Easy list of english grammar terms
    2. Basic Punctuation in English
    3. The Interrogative sentence
    4. Making negative sentences in English
    5. The definite article (The)
    6. Indefinite articles in English (a and an)
    7. How to use the Zero article in English
    8. Personal pronouns (me, you, him…)
    9. How to use contractions in a sentence (I am > I’m, She has > She’s…)
    10. Plural in English
    11. Can and can’t
    12. Adverbs in English: what you should know
    13. Position of adverbs
    14. Phrasal verbs basic rules
    15. Must and mustn’t
    16. Must or have to ?
    17. How to use ‘there is’ and ‘there are’
    18. How to use the verb to be in English?
    19. How to use the verb to have in English?
    20. How to use exclamation in a sentence
    21. Question tags rules
    22. Adjective rules in English
    23. Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing (Bored VS Boring)
    24. Possessive Adjectives in English (my, your, his…)
    25. How to use English Modal Verbs (can, could, will, would…)
    26. Possessive pronouns (mine, yours, their…)
    27. Relative pronouns (which, who, that…)
    28. Demonstrative pronouns (this, that, those…)
    29. Will VS Going to
    30. The Past Participle in English (played, been, enjoyed…)
    31. How to use -ing verbs
    32. How to use the imperative
    33. How to use the genitive in English
    34. Make or Do?
    35. Look, see or watch?
    36. How to use the Passive Voice
    37. How to use Should
    38. How to use Could
    39. How to use Would
    40. What is a superlative?
    41. What is the comparative?
    42. Conditional sentences rules
    43. How to use from in English
    44. How to use ‘By’ 
    45. How to use Rather (Would rather)
    46. Prepositions (at, of, from, into…)
    47. Prepositions of time (ago, for, since)
    48. Preposition of place
    49. List of prepositions
    50. Direct and Indirect speech
    51. Either and Neither: what’s the difference?
    52. Used to
    53. Compound words in -ever (whoever, whatever, whichever…)
    54. ‘Need and ‘needn’t’
    55. Prefixes and suffixes (-able, -ness, -ity…)
    56. How to write dates in English
    57. How to use short answers (No, I don’t)
    58. So, too, either, neither
    59. Reflexive pronouns (myself, herself…)
    60. Each, every and all
    61. Some, any, no
    62. Indefinite pronouns 
    63. Wishes and regrets
    64. May and might
    65. So and Such
    66. Whose and whom: what’s the difference?
    67. Compound nouns
    68. Countable and uncountable nouns
    69. Common mistakes in English