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Indefinite pronouns




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English indefinite pronouns (somebody, something…)

Indefinite pronouns are used in English to refer to unspecified objects, places or people (hence the term “indefinite”), whether in the plural or singular.

Here is the list of indefinite pronouns in English :

Indefinite pronouns Examples
another Give me another example.
anybody/ anyone Does anybody know a good place to eat?
anything My dad always told me that anything is possible.
each He shook the hand of each candidate
either Either day suits me.
enough He’s got enough money.
everybody/ everyone Everybody enjoyed the concert.
everything I gave him everything.
less We have less than three hours left.
little Give me just a little.
much Much of it true.
neither Neither road goes to New York
nobody/ no-one I have nobody to talk to.
nothing There was nothing we could do.
one One of the girls was left behind.
other He works as hard as any other student.
somebody/ someone There is somebody at the door.
something He saw something in the garden.
you You can’t learn this song in two minutes.
both I liked them both very much.
few They have few books.
fewer Fewer women wear hats these days.
many Many are called, but few are chosen.
others I’m sure that others have done this before.
several I have several friends in Paris.
they They say that smoking is bad for health.
all I saw them all.
any Do you have any gum?
more Show me more.
most Most cameras are made in Japan.
none None of us speak Spanish.
some Can I have some? / We’ll need some.
such You’re such a bad liar.

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