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Preposition of place in English




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The prepositions of place in English allow you to locate in space. They are always followed by a nominal group:

  • accross the street 
  • around the lake 
  • at the park 
  • along the river 
  • behind the wall 
  • between the bank and the post office 
  • down the hill 
  • from Paris 
  • in the garden 
  • in front of the train station 
  • next to the hospital 
  • on the table 
  • the dog jumped onto the roof 
  • opposite the cinema
  • off Costa Rica
  • through the forest 
  • towards the bus stop 
  • I go to bed 
  • under the chair 

⚠️ We use at or in when there is no movement, and to when there is a verb of movement:

  • He is at the bank. 
  • He is going to the bank. 
  • She is in London. 
  • He went to London. 

⚠️ In or Into? We use in to locate someone or something, and into to indicate that we are entering a place:

  • Tina went into the bank. 
  • Kevin lives in an appartment. 

We put in in front of a city, a street name or a country:

  • He lives in Roma. 
  • She lives in Murray Street. 

To say ‘at some place‘, we use at +’s or to +’s:

  • She is at the doctor‘s
  • I’m going to Paul‘s


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