Exclamation grammar examples

The exclamation in English grammar




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The exclamation is often made with what, so, such and how.

With How and So

How and so are followed by an adjective or adverb:

  • How ludicrous it was! 
  • She is so nice! She has so many friends! 

⚠️ don’t confuse How old are you? (= What’s your age?) and How old you are! (= You are really old!)

The structure how + subject + verb is also possible:

  • How you have grown! 
  • How he loves you! 

We often use how followed only by an adjective:

  • How sweet! 
  • How beautiful! 

In informal style, we can also use How + adjective + verb + subject (especially in American English):

  • How clever am I! 
  • How crazy is that!

Finally, keep in mind that How can cover an entire statement:

  • How she loves him! 

With Such and What

What and such are followed by a name. There are several possible structures:

  • What an amazing car! 
  • They’re such nice people!
  • Such delicious cooking! 

Such is not necessarily used in an exclamation:

  • such situations…

Remember to put a or an in front of countable names:

  • She is such a lovely girl! (NOT She is a such lovely girl!)
  • What a beautiful flower! (NOT What beautiful flower!)

Some uncountables are preceded by a in fixed exclamations:

  • What a pity! 
  • What a shame! 
  • What a mess! 
  • What a relief! 

Be careful not to invert the verb at the end: What + object + subject + verb:

  • What a beautiful smile you have! (NOT What a beautiful smile have you!)
  • What a beautiful day it is! (NOT What a beautiful day is it!)

Common expressions

Here are some common expressions used in English for exclamation:

  • That’s insane!
  • Help! 
  • Wow!
  • No way!
  • Gosh!
  • That’s amazing!
  • That’s unbelievable!
  • Get out!
  • Look out!


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