Words ending with -ever: whatever, whoever, whenever, whichever…

Words ending with -ever: whatever, whoever, whenever…




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The suffix -ever can be added to the words in wh- and how to change their meaning. These compound words then express a general value.


  • Whatever dish you choose, you have to eat it all.
  • Take whatever you want from the fridge if you feel hungry. 
  • Whatever you do, try your best. 

Whatever is sometimes used alone orally: it means ‘I don’t care‘, ‘It doesn’t matter to me‘:

  • What do you want to eat tonight? – Whatever


  • Come and visit us whenever you want.
  • He interrupts me whenever I start to speak. 
  • You can borrow my car whenever you like. 
  • We can leave whenever you’re ready. 


  • However tired I am, I work out every day.
  • However you try to explain it, I still can’t understand it. 
  • However you look at it, it’s going to cost a lot. 


  • Put the book wherever you want.
  • Sit down wherever you like. 
  • Wherever we go, we’ll have fun. 


With whichever we propose to choose between several things:

  • Keep whichever you like. 
  • Choose whichever you prefer. 
  • Whichever day you come, we will be happy to see you. 


It means ‘any person’:

  • You can call whoever you want. 
  • Whoever you are, you’ll love this song. 
  • Whoever opened the gate didn’t close it. 
  • Could I speak to whoever is in charge of customer service please? 


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