Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing (complete list!)




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When you add -ed or -ing to a verb, you can form adjectives. Here are some examples to help you understand better:

Verb: to interest

  • interested 
  • interesting

Verb: to tire

  • tired 
  • tiring 

Adjectives ending per -ed are past participles. They have a passive sense, the action is suffered:

  • Kevin is bored
  • I am frightened

Adjectives ending with -ing are present participants. They have an active sense, they produce a reaction:

  • The view is amazing
  • Snakes are frightening

The list of the most common English adjectives ending in -ed and -ing:

Adjectives ending in -ed Adjectives ending in -ing
aggravated aggravating
alarmed alarming
amazed amazing
amused amusing
annoyed annoying
astonished astonishing
astounded astounding
bewildered bewildering
bored boring
captivated captivating
challenged challenging
charmed charming
comforted comforting
concerned concerning
confused confusing
convinced convincing
depressed depressing
devastated devastating
disappointed disappointing
discouraged discouraging
disgusted disgusting
distressed distressing
disturbed disturbing
embarrassed embarrassing
enchanted enchanting
encouraged encouraging
energised energising
entertained entertaining
exasperated exasperating
excited exciting
exhausted exhausting
fascinated fascinating
flattered flattering
frightened frightening
frustrated frustrating
fulfilled fulfilling
gratified gratifying
horrified horrifying
humiliated humiliating
inspired inspiring
insulted insulting
interested interesting
intrigued intriguing
irritated irritating
moved moving
mystified mystifying
overwhelmed overwhelming
perplexed perplexing
perturbed perturbing
pleased pleasing
puzzled puzzling
relaxed relaxing
satisfied satisfying
shocked shocking
sickened sickening
soothed soothing
surprised surprising
tempted tempting
terrified terrifying
threatened threatening
thrilled thrilling
tired tiring
touched touching
troubled troubling
unnerved unnerving
unsettled unsettling
worried worrying


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