Adjectives -ed or -ing | Exercises with answers

-ed -ing adjectives | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 2

Choose the right adjective:

  1. I was deeply  by this tragic event.
  2. I went to the swimming pool this morning. I’m  now.
  3. The article was  to the French president.
  4. He was  when he saw the dog.
  5. I would be  to hear more.
  6. That’s a very  movie.
  7. The situation is becoming very .
  8. I was  when I heard the story.
  9. This meal was a little .
  10. She looked  when I told her I was 18.



  1. saddened
  2. exhausted
  3. insulting
  4. frightened
  5. intrigued
  6. interesting
  7. worrying
  8. terrified
  9. disappointing
  10. surprised

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