Adjectives Exercises with answers

Adjectives Exercises with answers

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Fill in the boxes with the following adjectives:

fancy handsome lazy grumpy delightful shallow faithful
hissing itchy clumsy inexpensive greasy nutritious filthy
  1.  That’s a  meal.
  2. The sound made by snake is a .  
  3. We enjoyed a  dinner.
  4. He was a  friend.
  5. I felt so  when I dropped my glass.
  6. I can’t sleep on that  matress, it’s disgusting!
  7. He gets  when he doesn’t drink his coffee in the morning.
  8. You look very  with that new hat!
  9. It was a very  party, everybody was well dressed and had expensive cars.
  10. Hay fever gives you a runny nose and eyes.
  11. The chips were very .
  12. I was too  to learn how to speak spanish.
  13. The price of hotels in Thailand is relatively .  
  14. The water here is frsh and .



  1. nutritious
  2. hissing
  3. delightful
  4. faithful
  5. clumsy
  6. filthy
  7. grumpy
  8. handsome
  9. fancy
  10. itchy
  11. greasy
  12. lazy
  13. inexpensive
  14. shallow

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