English conversation: At the restaurant (dialogue + free PDF) 🍽️

At the restaurant (dialogue + PDF) 🍽️

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Do you have a reservation?
We don’t have a reservation.
We have reserved a table for six. The name is Smith.
Sorry but we are full.
How many people?
A party of four?
A table for two?
There’s a 15-minute wait.
Hi, my name’s Sarah. I’ll be your waiter this evening.
Would you like to order something to drink first?
Here’s the menu.
Can I get you something to drink?
I’ll be with you in a few minutes.
I’ll take your order in a few minutes.
I’m starving. / I’m starving to death.
I’m famished.
I’m so hungry. / I could eat a horse.
I could do with something to eat.
I’m thirsty for a glass of cold water.
I feel like a cup of tea.
I need something to drink.
What about going to the restaurant?
Let’s go to the restaurant.
Let me invite you to the restaurant.
Why don’t we go to a Japanese restaurant?
Would you prefer a fast-food restaurant?
No. Let’s go to a pizza restaurant.
I’m finished.
This round is on me.
There’s something wrong with our bill.
The bill, please.
Coffee is on the bouse.
The waiter was very helpful.
Is service included?
We tipped $2 to the waitress.
There seems to be a mistake on this bill.
Could I get the bill, please?
Service not included.
Did you enjoy your meal?
It looks delicious.
The food smells good.
The curry was really tasty.
Hum, it’s yummy!
The steak looks overcooked.
The meat is tough and dry.
The steak tastes like a piece of leather.
This steak is rare / well-dope.
This meat is not fresh.
This dish is a bit bland.
It is really disgusting.
This ice cream tastes funny.
I can’t eat this.
It’s too salty!
Here is the menu.
To drink, I would like some white wine.
For dessert, have apple tart.
To start, I would like a tomato salad.
How would you like your steak?
Would you care for anything else?
For the main course, I would like a steak.
I haven’t decided yet.
Today’s special? What’s in this dish?
No. We are not ready yet.
We need a little more time to decide.
We’ll take the $20 set menu.
Would you like chips or rice with that?
May I have a bottle of water, please?
May I take your order?
What do you recommend?
What’s today’s special?
What’s the soup of the day?
What is the house specialty?
What kind of dressing would you like for your salad?
What flavours do you have?
Would you like to order some wine to go with that?
Are you ready to order?
Does the steak corne with French fries?
When will our table be ready?
We’ve been waiting for thirty minutes.
I asked for the bill quite a white ago.
I’d like to speak with your manager.
I didn’t order this.


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