Comparison as/as | Exercises with answers (+PDF)

Comparison as/as | Exercises with answers (+PDF)

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 1

Build sentences with the comparative of equality “as + adj + as” (sentences can be negative!):

Ex: Kevin weighs 80kg. Max weighs 80kg. (is/heavy) → Kevin is as heavy as Max. 

1 – The red house is 50 years old. The green house is 50 years old. (is/old)

→  The red house  the green house.

2 – Sam did not do well in the English test. Julia did better in the English test. (do/well)

→  Sam  Julia.

3 – The impala runs 90km per hour. The cheetah runs 120km per hour. (run/fast)

→  The impala  the cheetah.

4 – The first exam was difficult. The second exam was difficult too. (was/difficult)

→  The first exam  the second exam.

5 – Roubaix is not very beautiful. Lyon is more beautiful. (is/beautiful)

→  Roubaix  Lyon.

6 – Tina is 1.60cms tall. Sarah is 1.60cms tall. (is/tall)

→  Tina  Sarah.

7 – Italy is 35ºC in summer. Croatia is 35ºC in summer. (is/hot)

→  Italy  Croatia in summer.

8 – Paul is not very patient. Claire is more patient. (is/patient)

→  Paul  Claire.

9 – My dad’s face was red. A tomato is red. (was/red)

→  My dad’s face  a tomato.

10 – Kevin talks very quietly. Tom talks more loudly. (talk/loudly)

→  Kevin  Tom.




  1. The red house is as old as the green house.
  2. Sam did not do as well as Julia.
  3. The impala does not run as fast as the cheetah.
  4. The first exam was as difficult as the second exam.
  5. Roubaix is not as beautiful as Lyon.
  6. John is as tall as Dave.
  7. Italy is as hot as Croatia.
  8. Paul is not as patient as Claire.
  9. My dad’s face was as red as a tomato.
  10. Kevin does not talk as loudly as Tom.

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