Compound adjectives | Exercises with answers

Compound adjectives | Exercises with answers

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 1

Complete the following sentences using compound adjectives:

Ex: A girl with long hair is a long-haired girl.

  1.  A sad story which breaks your heart is
  2.  A country which produces tobacco is a 
  3.  A boat that looks expensive is an 
  4.  If a story seems never to end, it’s a 
  5.  If a man uses his right hand only, you say he is 
  6.  A baby that his mother feeds well is  
  7.  Pizzas that are made at home are
  8.  A girl who has long legs is
  9.  Someone who has good manners is 
  10.  If someone breaks your heart, you feel 
  11. A scary story that rises your hair is 
  12. Fruits which are dried under the sun are 
  13. A room with a lot of bright light is a 
  14. A boy who looks good is a 
  15. A musician who taught himself how to play music is a 



  1. heart-breaking
  2. a tobacco-producing country
  3. an expensive-looking boat
  4. a never-ending story
  5. right-handed
  6. well-fed
  7. home-made
  8. long-legged
  9. well-mannered
  10. heart-broken
  11. hair-rising
  12. sun-dried
  13. brightly-lit room
  14. good-looking boy
  15. self-taught musician

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