English conversation: At the bank

English conversation: At the bank

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Where is the closest bank?
Which counter do I go to to change money?
I want to draw some money out.
Is there a commission?
I would like to cash some traveller’s cheques.
I’d like to carry out a bank transfer.
Where do I have to sign?
What is today’s date?
I’d like to cash this check.
I’d like to open a savings account.
Could you fill out this form, please?
I’ll have to take out a loan.
The house is mortgaged to the bank.
What is the interest rate?
You can pay by instalments.
Invest in something.
Is there a cash machine near here?
There is an ATM over there. (ATM Automatic Teller Machine.)
Insert card here.
Insert your PIN code.
Make a withdrawal.
Do you want a receipt?
The ATM has eaten my card.
I have lost my card.
My card has been stolen.


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