English conversation: At the dentist

English conversation: At the dentist

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At the dentist
I’d like to have my teeth examined.
Can you open your mouth a little wider, please?
Do you want to have a crown fitted?
How much will it cost?
I don’t want it exctracted
I have a broken tooth
I have a cavity
I need a crown
I need a filling
I’d like a clean and polish, please.
I’m going to give you an injection.
I’m going to give you an X-ray.
I’m going to have to take this tooth out.
I’ve chipped a tooth.
I’ve got toothache.
Let me know if you feel any pain.
My denture is broken
My gums hurt
One of my fillings has corne out.
Open wide!
Rinse please
This might hurt a little
When did you last visit the dentist?
You’ve got a bit of decay here.
You’ve got an abscess.


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