English Conversation: At the Train Station

English Conversation: At the Train Station

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A return ticket for Manchester.
A single ticket for Paris, please.
Alight (gett off) at the next stop. (UK)
Do I need to change trains?
Does the train have a dining car?
Has the 10:20 train already departed?
How long does the journey take?
How long does the trip take?
How much is a second-class return ticket?
I would like to reserve a seat.
I’m a season ticket holder.
Is it a direct route?
Mind the gap between train and the platform!
Mind the gap!
One ticket to London, please.
Punch your ticket before you get on the train.
Refreshments are served at the buffet car.
The ticket collector will check your ticket on board.
The train is pulling into the station.
The train is scheduled to arrive at 4:30 p.m.
There is a refreshments trolley on this train.
Tickets, please.
We’d like to apologize for the delay.
What station is this ?
What time does the train from London arrive?
What time does the train get in?
When does the next train for London leave?
Where can I buy a ticket?
Where’s the nearest railway station?
Which is the dining car?
Which platform does the train leave from?
Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?
You don’t have to get your ticket punched in England.
Your tickets, please.


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