English conversation: How To Talk About Money 💰

English conversation: How To Talk About Money 💰

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Bill works on a farm to earn a living.
To make money, Sue babysits my little girl.
This vase is worth a fortune.
Does anyone know how much this coin is worth?
It’s  too expensive for me.
I can’t afford it.
He gave me a blank cheque.
Let’s all go to the restaurant. I’ll foot the bill.
We were short of money.
Jill finds it difficult n make ends meet.
Ben is in debt.
He has borrowed money from his parents.
His parents have lent him some money.
He owes money to his parents.
Where is there a money exchange?
Where can I change money?
What is the exchange rate?
What is the exchange rate of pounds sterling?
I’d like to change dollars into euros.


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