English conversation: Exchanging contact details

Exchanging contact details

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Give me a call./ Give me a ring. / Ring me up.
I’m ex-directory. [UK] / I’m unlisted. [US]
I’Il email you all the details.
I’ll write it down for you.
Feel free to contact me. / Feel free to get in contact with me. / Feel free to get in touch with me.
Give me a buzz. [familier]
What’s the country code for Ireland?
Ring me on. . .
Here are my contact details. / Here is my address and phone number.
Would you like to exchange contact details / telephone numbers / email addresses?
Could you spell that out for me, please ? / Would you mind spelling that out for me, please?
You can get in touch with me at this number: . . .
You can reach me on. . .
You can reach me at. . .
Will you give me your phone number?
Would you write that down for me, please?


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