English phrases for daily use

English phrases for daily use (1/2)

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Arrangements have been made for you to…
As you may expect, … / As one would expect, …
Don’t turn a deaf ear to…
Everything will be fine / Everything will go smoothly
I didn’t think it right to…
I don’t feel up to it.
I don’t feel up to…
I find it hard to understand why…
I had no idea he/she would…
I must congratulate you on…
I never suspected it for a moment.
I see him/her as a (+adjective) person.
I should have known that…
I thought it right to…
I thought so. / I suspected as much.
I was weak enough to…
I was wise enough to…
I wonder if…
I’d given up on you!
I’m not surprised.
I’ve wasted so much time
It comes as no surprise.
it doesn’t make sens
It makes you wonder why…
It makes you wonder.
It may still come in handy.
It seemed only right to…
It surprises me that…
It took ages!
It was a risky venture.
It was bound to happen.
It was worth a try.
It went off smoothly / It went like a dream
It’s easier said than done!
It’s getting better and better.
It’s hard to tell.
It’s no small matter
It’s not much to look at, but…
It’s quite clear
It’s too sad for words.
It’s worth having a go.
It’s worth it!
It’s worth… (v+ing)
It/things couldn’t be better
Let’s hope this is not the case.
Little did I know/suspect that…
My guess was right.
Not that I care but…
People would know about it!
Something’s wrong / There’s something not quite right here.
That can easily be put right.
That was predictable.
That was sensible of you.
That was the right thing to do.
That was wise of you.
That wasn’t meant to happen!
That’s easy for you to say
That’s quite something!
That’s quite understandable.
Thats was to be expected.
There’s only one thing wrong
There’s something amiss.
Things are getting worse and worse.
Things are going pretty well
We’re off the hook
You can’t but…
You certainly took your time!
You gave me your word you would…
You got me off the hook!
You’ve set your sights too high.
You’ve got a point there.



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