English phrases for daily use

English phrases for daily use (2/2)

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At this point in time,…
Be sensible!
Don’t go back on your word!
Don’t look so surprised!
Don’t make a fuss about it!
Get this!
Have I made myself quite clear?
How awful!
How come they’re so late?
I can’t believe it!
I can’t complain.
I have no complaints about it.
I hope I’ve made myself quite clear!
I know what i’m talking about!
I nearly / I almost…
I very nearly…
I would be surprised if…
I’d be surprised!
I’ve got to the point where…
I’ve said my last word on the subject.
I’ve told you again and again!
It’s a matter of chance.
It’s a wonder that…!
It’s a wonder to me that…
It’s beyond me!
It’s crazy!
It’s hardly surprising. / It hardly comes as a surprise.
It’s just not the point !
It’s no accident that…
It’s not the end of the world.
It’s nothing to be proud of!
It’s nothing to get worked up about!
It’s sheer madness!
Just don’t make a big deal out of it!
Let’s face the issue!
Much to my surprise,…
No wonder…
Pull yourself together! / get a hold on yourself! / Get a grip (on yourself)!
See for yourself!
Shame on you!
So what?
Tell me another!
Tha’s not the point / problem!
That wasn’t very clever!
That’s absolute nonsense!
That’s another question!
That’s beside the point!
That’s going a bit far !
That’s not quite all!
Well done!
Well said!
What a coincidence!
What a pity!
What a question!
What a surprise !
What an idea!
What are you complaining about?
What did you expect?
Where did you get hold of that?
You don’t say! / No wonder!
You won’t get away with it!
You’ll never hear the end of it!
You’re imagining things.
You’re just talking nonsense!
You’re missing the point!
You’re overreacting!




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