English useful phrases Traveling by car

English useful phrases: Traveling by car

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This car is easy to handle.
Be careful, there is a no-entry sign.
Fasten your seat belt.
Follow this road.
Go straight on.
He was fined for speeding.
I have passed my driving test.
I have to fill up the tank.
Make a right turn at the stop sign.
Signal. / Indicate.
Start the engine.
Take the first Cardiff exit.
The traffic is clear.
Turn right / left.
Looking for a lift?
Roadtogether.com is a car share website.
Do you have a spare seat in your car?
Save money and petrol!
Why not share travel expenses?
My car has broken down.
Check the tyres / the battery.
I have got a puncture.
Please check the oil level.
Please check the water level.
Please switch the engine off.
The battery is flat.
The car has run out of petrol / gas.
The engine won’t start.
Drive off
Get pulled over
Have a near miss
Pull over
Slam the brakes on
Slow down
Speed up
Step on it



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