English Vocabulary Exercises | Babies and children

English Vocabulary Exercises | Babies and children

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Exercise 2

Complete the sentences with the following words:

nappy | sleepless nights | child-minder | twins | baby-sitter | nursery school | crawling | breast-feeding | maternity leave

1. We’ve had quite a few  since the baby was born. I’m absolutely exhausted most of the time.

2. The baby’s crying again. I think her  needs changing.

3. I can’t drink any alcohol at the moment. I’m .

4. I wish we could go out a bit more in the evening, but getting a  is very expensive.

5. I’ve still got two months of my  left but I’m not sure what to do then. I’d quite like to go back to work but employing a  to look after the baby will be so expensive.

6. Kevin’s six months now. He’s just started  He’ll be walking in no time.

7. Linda’s nearly three now. She’ll soon be able to go to  and I’ll be able to go back to work.

8. If you think having one baby to look after is difficult, imagine what it’s like if you have  or even triplets.


  1. sleepless nights
  2. nappy
  3. breast-feeding
  4. baby-sitter
  5. maternity leave, child-minder
  6. crawling
  7. nursery school
  8. twins

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