English Vocabulary Exercises | Everyday Problems

English Vocabulary Exercises | Everyday Problems

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Exercise 1

What do we say when something goes wrong or doesn’t work?

  1. The pipe in my kitchen is .
    a. running
    b. leaking
  2. I got in an accident and  my bumper.
    a. bruised
    b. dented
  3. My phone battery .
    a. died
    b. ended
  4. I fell and  my arm.
    a. dented
    b. bruised
  5. I spilled some wine and  the tablecloth.
    a. broke
    b. stained
  6. Our washing machine .
    a. broke down
    b. came off
  7.  a tooth while I was eating dinner .
    a. chipped
    b. banged
  8. We  gas on the way to work.
    a. ran out of
    b. ended up
  9. I forgot my keys so now I’m  of my apartment.
    a. stuck out
    b. locked out
  10.  my head on the kitchen cupboard.
    a. bumped
    b. collided



  1. leaking
  2. dented
  3. died
  4. bruised
  5. stained
  6. broke down
  7. chipped
  8. ran out of
  9. locked out
  10. bumped


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