English Vocabulary Exercises | Food

English Vocabulary Exercises | Food

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Exercise 3

Problems with food: Complete the sentences with the following words:

stale | burnt | ripe | sour | rotten | fresh

1. I’m afraid l’ve done it again! The toast’s . I’ll make some more.

2. I wouldn’t drink that milk if I were you. It doesn’t smell very

3. This milk tastes a bit . Did somebody forget to put it back in the fridge again?

4. I can’t believe it. I only bought this bread yesterday. It’s already!

5. Some of these apples are and I only bought them at the weekend.

6. I’d leave these bananas for another day. They‘re not yet.


  1. burnt
  2. fresh
  3. sour
  4. stale
  5. rotten
  6. ripe

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