English Vocabulary Exercises | Friends

English Vocabulary Exercises | Friends

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Exercise 3

Complete the sentences with the following words:

a. made
b. true friends
c. made friends with
d. met him through
e. pleased
f. friendly with
g. got to know
h. introduced

1. “How do you know Susan?” “Rachel and Peter  me to her.”

2. “How do you know Paul?” “I Steve and Peter.”

3. I really enjoyed my time at university. I  so many new friends.

4. People say that Philip is a bit reserved but I  him quite well when we had to work on that report together.

5. We had a great time on holiday in Spain. We a nice couple who were staying in the apartment next to ours.

6. I didn’t know you were the people next door to us. I saw you there last night.

7. lt’s when you are having a difficult time that you know who your really are.

8. “Anna, can I introduce you to an old friend of mine? This is Zoe. We were at college together.” “Hi, Anna, to meet you.”


  • 1h
  • 2d
  • 3a
  • 4g
  • 5c
  • 6f
  • 7b
  • 8e

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