English Vocabulary Exercises | Health Problems

English Vocabulary Exercises | Health Problems

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Exercise 4

Complete the following dialogue with the proposed sentences:

1. What’s the matter? > I think I ate my dinner too quickly 

2. Maybe we should take the boat. It’s much cheaper than flying.
> Oh no, I’d rather not 

3. I think 

> Well, why don’t you have a glass of hot lemon and honey and get an early night?


> Well, it’s your own fault. You shouldn’t have opened that second bottle of wine!

5. You look exhausted. You’ve been working too hard recently. If you don’t slow down a

6. Are you all right? You’ve gone as white as a sheet!
> No, I need to sit down. I 


  • 1 → I’ve got indigestion.
  • 2 → I always get seasick.
  • 3 → I‘ve caught a cold.
  • 4 → I’ve got a bit of a hangover.
  • 5 → You’ll make yourself ill.
  • 6 → I feel dizzy.

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