English Vocabulary Exercises | Personality

English Vocabulary Exercises | Personality

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Exercise 11

Complete the dialogues with the following sentences:

very kind | very tactful |  a bit clumsy | very rude

1. I invited Sue and Gerry for dinner. They turned up an hour and a half late and didn’t even apologise!
> Really, that was  of them, wasn’t it?

2. Sarah spilt coffee all over the carpet. It made a terrible mess.
> Oh dear. That was  of her, wasn’t it?

3. Mary knew how busy I was, so she offered to collect the kids from school for me.
> That was  of her.

4. Sue said she had a headache, but she knew that Chris, her first husband, was going to be at the party.
> That was  of her. It would have been very embarrassing if she’d turned up.


  1. very rude
  2. a bit clumsy
  3. very kind
  4. very tactful

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