English Vocabulary Exercises | Personality

English Vocabulary Exercises | Personality

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Complete the following sentences with a noun formed from the adjectives in parentheses:

  1. Thousands would have died in last year’s famine in Ethiopia, if it wasn’t for the of ordinary people. (generous)
  2. They’ve always shown me great (kind)
  3. The theatre’s sent me tickets for the wrong day again. I can’t believe their (careless)
  4. Considering how ill I’ve been, I thought my boss would show a bit more (sympathetic)
  5. She handled the situation very well. She showed great ( sensitive)
  6. You’ve been such a great help. I’d like to buy you dinner as an expression of my (grateful)
  7. I do wish those children would show a little more sometimes. (patient)
  8. He just told me to shut up and walked off. I’ve never known such (rude)
  9. You don’t like him because of his accent? You could show a bit more sometimes. (tolerant)
  10. I think one day we might doubt the of this decision. (wise)


  1. generosity
  2. kindness
  3. carelessness
  4. sympathy
  5. sensitivity
  6. gratitude
  7. patience
  8. rudeness
  9. tolerance
  10. wisdom

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