English Vocabulary Exercises | Personality

English Vocabulary Exercises | Personality

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Exercise 9

Use these pairs of adjectives in the following sentences:

  • wise / sensible
  • careless / silly
  • horrible / nasty
  • strange / funny

1. I locked my keys in the house this morning.
>That was a very  thing to do.

2. I gave my neighbours’ little boy some money for his holidays and his parents took it from him!
> Really? What a  thing to do.

3. I’m thinking of getting myself a private pension.
>Good idea.That’s a very  thing to do.

4. They’ve been married for 25 years and then one day she just walked out and never came back.
> Really? What a  thing to do!


  1. careless / silly
  2. horrible / nasty
  3. wise / sensible
  4. strange / funny

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