Essential english idioms (part 3)

Essential english idioms (part 3 – K to R)

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A complete list of the most common English idioms and expressions:

Keep an eye on To keep under careful observation.
Keep me in the loop Keep me informed
Keep me posted. Keep me informed.
Keep my head above water. to just be able to manage, especially when you have financial difficulties
Keep something at bay Hold something at a distance
Keep someone on their toes. to make someone concentrate so that they are ready to deal with anything that might happen
Keep your cool To maintain a calm and controlled attitude.
Keeping my fingers crossed Hoping for good luck
Kill two birds with one stone to succeed in achieving two things in a single action
Know something inside out to know someone or something very well
Know which way the wind is blowing Understand the situation (generally negative)
Larger than life Bigger than life
Last straw Last drop (The last problem of a series of problems.)
Leave no stone unturned Don’t neglect any details
Let me know… Keep me informed……
Let me see if I can move some things around. I’ll see if I can move some things.
Let sleeping dogs lie Stop discussing a problem
Let someone off the hook Letting someone get away with it
Let the cat out of the bag Accidentally revealing a secret
Let the chips fall where they may Let something happen, whether it’s good or bad.
Let’s get down to business. Used to mark a transition to a business discussion or serious talk.
Like riding a bicycle Something you never forget how to do
Like two peas in a pod They’re always together.
To live beyond your means. You spend more money than you can afford.
Living the dream. Living the good life
Long time no see It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.
Look before you leap Only take calculated risks
Lose your marbles Going crazy
Maddening Enrageant
Make a long story short Get to the point
Make hay while the sun shines Enjoy a good situation
Make time for (something). Plan time for (something).
Make up one’s mind To finally decide something.
Miss the boat to say that someone missed their chance
My hands are full I’m busy.
My two cents To give or share your opinion
Nature Calls means we have to go to the toilet!
Never mind Forget what I said, it’s okay.
No pain, no gain You have to work for what you want
No Strings Attached Doing something for someone without asking for anything in return.
No Sweat No problem
No Worries No problem
Not playing with a full deck to talk about someone who’s not very smart.
Nothing Matters To express nothing else is important
To be on cloud nine To be very happy
To be on the same page to understand and agree with what is being done or suggested
On thin ice On probation. If you make another mistake, there will be trouble.
Once bitten, twice shy You are more careful when you have already been injured.
Once in a blue moon When something rarely happens
Once in a while not very often
Out of the blue from nowhere
Out of the frying pan and into the fire Things are going from bad to worse
Out of this world incredible
Over my dead body! I will do everything you can to prevent something!
Over the moon to be happy
Pain in the ass Annoying (vulgar)
Picture paints a thousand words a picture can express a complex idea in the same way a large amount of
descriptive text can.
Plain as day Obvious, clear
To play it by ear (=go with the flow) Everything will be done when it’s done (spontaneously)
Play second fiddle Be less important.
Pull a rabbit out of a hat Do something unexpected
Pull someone’s leg Joking, making fun of someone
Pull yourself together Get a grip on yourself.
Push back the appointment. postpone the appointment
Put (something) on hold To pause, postpone, or suspend an activity
Put oneself in someone’s shoes To try to look at a situation from a different point of view; as if one were the other person; to empathise.
Put something on ice Put a project on hold
Put wool over other people’s eyes cheating on someone to make them think well of them.
Put your foot in your mouth Say something you shouldn’t have said
Rain on someone’s parade To ruin something
Read between the lines To try to understand someone’s real feelings or intentions from what they say or write
Read one’s mind To know what someone is thinking without being told
Reduced to ashes destroyed or made useless
Does that ring a bell? Does it seem familiar? Does it remind you of something?
Rise and Shine Get up! (in the morning)
Rub shoulders be around people
Run like the wind to run very fast.


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