Essential english idioms (part 4)

Essential english idioms (part 4 – S to Z)

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A complete list of the most common English idioms and expressions:

Saving for a rainy day Saving for bad days
See eye to eye (with someone) to agree with someone
Sell somebody out Telling on someone or revealing their secret
Shame on You Shame on you
Shape up or ship out Work better or leave
I’ll meet you at 8 o’clock sharp. exactly at a that time
Shoot from the hip Speak directly
Sick and tired being disturbed or annoyed by something
Sit on the fence Remain neutral and do not take sides
Skeleton crew The minimum number of people required to operate a service or office.
Sleep on it Think about something for a while before making a decision.
Sleep Tight Sleeping in cramped conditions
Slow and steady wins the race Reliability is more important than speed
Snowed under Busy
Snug as a bug in a rug Warm and cozy; happy.
So far so good an expression of satisfaction with progress made
So glad you could make it. I’m glad you could come.
Sooner or later at some future time; eventually.
Sort Of In a way
Speak of the devil when the person you just mentioned arrives.
Spill the beans To reveal secret information unintentionally or indiscreetly.
Stay out of trouble. Don’t get in trouble. Don’t do anything wrong.
Steal someone’s thunder To take credit for something someone else did.
Step up your game start to perform better, improve
Stick your nose into something interfere into other people’s business.
Stop being so hard on yourself. Don’t feel guilty about everything
Straight from the horse’s mouth Directly from the person concerned.
Sure Thing Certainly
Take a rain check Let’s do this another time.
take it easy Relax!
Take it with a grain / a pinch of salt Don’t take it too seriously.
Taste of your own medicine means that something happens to you, or is done to you, that you have done to someone else.
Thank Goodness Thank God for that.
That ship has sailed It’s too late for that.
That’s easier said than done something seems like a good idea but it would be difficult to do.
That’s the last straw the latest in a series of unpleasant or undesirable events, and makes you feel that you cannot tolerate a situation any longer.
The apple does not fall far from the tree Children grow up to become like their parents
The ball is in your court It’s your decision.
The best of both worlds An ideal situation, to take advantage of two different possibilities at the same time.
The devil is in the details when you look more closely, there are problems…
The early bird gets the worm The first people who arrive will receive the best things.
The new Iphone Blew Me Away. I was surprised in a good way by the new Iphone
The pot calling the kettle black Someone criticizing someone else as being just as bad
The whole nine yards Everything, to the end.
There are clouds on the horizon Trouble is coming
There are other fish in the sea Other opportunities will arise.
There’s a method to his madness He looks crazy, but he’s actually smart.
There’s no such thing as a free lunch Nothing is entirely free
Think fast! Catch! (when throwing something at someone)
Think outside the box use your imagination
Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones Morally questionable people should not criticize others.
Through thick and thin In good times and bad
Throw caution to the wind Taking a risk
Throw in the towel To give up
time flies time passes quickly
Time is money time is a valuable resource
time on your hands have some free time
Tip of the iceberg The visible part of the iceberg
Tit for tat an action done to take revenge on someone who has hurt you
To add insult to injury to make the situation worse.
To cut corners do something wrong or cheap.
To feel under the weather not feeling well.
To hear something straight from the horse’s mouth hear something from the authoritative source.
To hit the nail on the head describe exactly what causes a situation or problem.
To kill two birds with one stone Killing two birds with one stone
To make matters worse Make a problem worse
To not see the wood for the trees be so involved in the details that you don’t get the most important facts.
Turn a blind eye Ignore
Turned a deaf ear Ignore
Twenty-four seven 24h/24: all the hours of the day
Uncharted waters Being in unfamiliar territory, in a situation you don’t know, without experience and we don’t know what could happen.
We All Have To Pitch In. We all have to get involved, participate
We Got Off On The Wrong Foot. to begin a relationship or project badly
We’re short on time. We are running out of time.
Well begun is half done It is important to get off to a good start
What a Small World! When you meet someone in unexpected circumstances.
What gives? What’s going on?
What’s Eating You? What’s bothering you?
What’s up? What’s the matter?
Whatever… It doesn’t matter…
When pigs fly Never
Who cares? used to say that something is not important
Who do you think you are? Rhetorical question asked of or when discussing a person who is acting in an annoying, stereotypical manner or is a poser.
Who knows? Rhetorical question to say: I don’t know, and I don’t know anybody who does know.
Whole nine yards Everything that is available.
Wrap your head around something Understand something complicated
You Bet! you may be sure; certainly.
You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar You’ll get what you want by being nice.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink You can’t force someone to make the right decision
You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs it is hard to achieve something important without causing unpleasant effects
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks It is difficult to change the way someone does something when they have been doing it the same way for a long time.
You can’t be serious. I don’t believe what you just said
You get what you pay for Something very cheap is usually not of very good quality.
You have your head in the clouds. You’re dreaming, you’re not focused
You know better than that used to express disappointment when someone makes a mistake which they probably shouldn’t have / to show disapproval of someone’s actions
You look like a deer in headlights. to be stunned, frightened or surprised that you cannot move or think
You made it! You succeeded at something.
You pulled a fast one on me. you have cheated or tricked me.
You rock! You’re awesome!
You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours if you do something for me, I’ll do the same for you.
You went too far. You did more than is acceptable
You win some, you lose some. You cannot always succeed.
You’re dressed to kill You’re wearing very smart or fashionable clothes
You’re toast You’re in big trouble.
You’ve got to be kidding Is this a joke?
You’re all over the place. something is happening in many different places, or spread over a very large area, usually disorganized
You’re killing the mood. You’re ruining the moment.
You’re playing both sides. To manipulate two opposing sides against one another for your own benefit
You’re pushing your luck. You are taking a bigger risk than is sensible, and may get into trouble.
Your call! It’s your decision.
Your guess is as good as mine I have no idea.


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