Expressing certainty in English PDF

Expressing certainty in English PDF

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As far as I know…
For sure / One thing is certain…
I agree / I accept that / I admit.
I can quite believe it.
I don’t deny it.
I don’t doubt that…
I have no doubt that…
I knew it!
I never doubted it.
I never doubted…
I stand my ground.
I stick by it.
I still think (believe) that
I take your word for it.
I thought as much.
I’d swear to it. / I’d stake my life on it.
I’m absolutely positive.
I’m certain / I’m convinced / I’m positive.
I’m convinced that…
I’m sure that…
I’m telling you just what I think.
It never occured to me that…
It’s clear / It’s definite.
It’s pretty obvious that
Let’s face the facts!
Mark my words!
No doubt in my mind whatsoever.
Not as far as I know.
Stick to the facts!
Take my word for it!
There is little doubt that…
There is no denying it. /It’s undeniable.
There is no denying that…
There is no doubt that…
There’s no doubt about it.
There’s not the shadow of a doubt
Without a doubt / No doubt
Without the shadow of a doubt !
You can be sure of that.


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