Expressing feelings and emotions in English 😃😢

Expressing feelings and emotions in English 😃😢

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Would you fancy going to the cinerna tonight?
That’s a great idea.
That sounds like a wonderful opportunity!
That would be fantastic!
She’s so pleased with her new car!
She felt like a million dollars.
He jumped for joy.
I love reading detective novels.
I feel like watching TV.
I enjoy going out with friends.
I was on top of the world.
I am eager to see what it is.
I am passionate about genealogy.
The children think the world of Myriam.
That looks great!
John has taken a fancy to Naomi!
I love the way you smile.
I’m having a great time.
Tony is head over heels in love with Maria.
You are the apple of my eye.
You’re so funny!
You’re so charming.
Good boy / girl!  Congratulations.
Go on, old girl! You’ll do it!
There, there. Everything will be all right.
That was a nice try / good effort.
You’re on the right track.
That’s a real improvement.
You’ve really improved.
Don’t give up!
You’ve almost got it.
Always look on the bright side.
I don’t mind doing the housework.
No hard feelings.
all the same to me.
As you like.
Do you mind if I open the window?
I don’t mind.
No, I don’t mind.
I don’t care.
I hate tidying up my room.
I hate / loathe ironing.
I’ll do it when pigs fly.
I’m bored to tears.
I don’t feel like watching TV tonight.
I don’t want any more pudding! I’ve had my fill.
I can’t stand that kind of music.
Bless you!
I wish I were a millionaire!
Good luck! Happy birthday.
It would be wonderful if we could all go.
I’d give anything to be there now!
I sent him New Year greetings.
If only he were here!
I wish it would stop raining!
Many happy returns.
All our best wishes.
I’m waming you! It’s the last time.
Good riddance!
She was beside herself with rage.
Get out of here!
I am fed up with that situation.
l’m sorry but I can’t take it anymore.
I’m going to lose my temper.
The children are getting on my nerves.
He was upset.
Sarah went to pieces.
Peter is down in the dumps.


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