Giving directions in English (PDF)

Giving directions in English pdf

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 Go towards the post office
 It’s on the corner of St Paul Street and Queen Street
 Next to
 Go to the end of the block, and then…
 Go to the stop sign and then go…
 Go to the corner of the street then go…
 Go two blocks and then…
 Go down this street
 Go down the hill
 Go down George Street
 Go the the end of the corner and when you get to the traffic light turn…
 Go straight down this street for two blocks
 Go straight on maint stree until you see…
 Go along George Street
 Go over the bridge
 Walk straight till you see
 Go straight on George Street
It’s at the end of the street
 It’s about a five minute walk
 It’s about a twenty minute bus ride
 It’s across from
 It’s just a ten-minute walk
 It’s just around the corner
 It’s on the right hand side
 It’s on the left hand side
 It’s a bit of a way
 It takes a while
 It’s not far
 Look for the sign that says… and then go…
 Look for the supermarket and then go
 look for number… or house number…
 Go on for about 200 metres
 Go down the main road
 Down the street from…
 Up the street from…
 There’s one right across the street
 There is a restaurant around the corner
 The bank is next to the library
 The bank is beside the library
 The bank is behind the library
 The bank is opposite the library
 The bank is in front of the library
 The bank is between the library and the wine shop
 The bank is just on/at the corner
 The bank is near the library
 The library is behind the Japanese restaurant
 The best way is to …
 The quickest way is to
 The easiest way is to
 Go/walk along the beach
 Go up the hill
 Walk behind the…
 Go past the church
 Take the first turning on the right
 Close to…
 Follow George Street until you get to the church
 Follow George Street for 200 metres
 Go along the river
 Follow the road till you get to…
 On the right of
 On the left of
 On the side of
 Turn left/right at…
 Turn left/right into Queen Street
 Turn left/right when you get to Queen Street
 Cross the street
 Go through the park
 Walk through the car park
 Go across the roundabout
 Walk through the…
 You will see the bank on the left/right
 You’ll see a bank


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