Grammar Exercise | Articles (a, an, the)

Grammar Exercise | Articles (a, an, the)

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Exercise 3

Choose the appropriate article: a, an or the?

  1. Tina is  pretty girl.
  2. He is  tallest boy in  class.
  3. Did you find  hotel where you could stay tonight?
  4. She has  ten year old daughter.
  5. She didn’t get  invitation.
  6. Sarah is  lovely girl.
  7. Why is your shoe on  table?
  8. It was  best thing to do.
  9. Paul is visiting  United States.
  10. Sarah is looking for  boyfriend.


  1. a
  2. the / the
  3. a
  4. a
  5. an
  6. a
  7. the
  8. the
  9. the 

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