Grammar exercise | Do or Make

Grammar exercise | Do or Make

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Exercise 3

Choose between Make or Do:

  1. Have you finished  your homework?
  2. What a mess you’ve ! Can’t you tidy up a bit?
  3. Could you call the restaurant and  a reservation for me?
  4. My friend  me a huge favour and lent me some money.
  5. Don’t worry about getting everything correct. Just  your best.
  6. He’s somewhere in town  arrangements.
  7. It’s been a pleasure  business with you.
  8. She  very badly on the exam, so she’ll have to retake it.
  9. First, I must  a list of all the things I need to do.
  10. My mother listens to the radio while she  the ironing.
  11. I have to  three exams and write a huge essay this term.
  12. I’ve  some changes to the document.
  13. I’m  some research for my thesis at the moment.
  14. Could I  a suggestion? How about going out for dinner?
  15. Sarah spends ages  her hair in the morning.
  16. You’re not trying hard enough!  an effort!
  17. Hello? I’d like to  a credit card payment, please.
  18. Paul has decided to  a course in computing this summer.
  19. She loved university and  lots of friends.
  20. His business  a profit from the beginning.



  1. doing
  2. made
  3. make
  4. did
  5. do
  6. making
  7. doing
  8. did
  9. make
  10. does
  11. do
  12. made
  13. doing
  14. make
  15. doing
  16. Make
  17. make
  18. do
  19. made
  20. made

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