Grammar Exercises: Simple Past Tense

Grammar Exercises: Simple Past Tense

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Put the verb in simple past tense :

  1. Simon (come)   to Japan in 2014.
  2. Tina (sing)   a lot at the karaoke.
  3. The kid (fall)   off his skateboard.
  4. I (find)   your shoes under the table.
  5. It (be)   very cold this morning.
  6. Sam (visit)   his girlfriend last weekend.
  7. Ray (arrive)   two days ago.
  8. We (go)   to the cinema last night.
  9. I (be)   at the supermarket this morning.
  10. She (see)   Sarah at the bar last week.



  1. came
  2. sang
  3. fell
  4. found
  5. was
  6. visited
  7. arrived
  8. went
  9. was
  10. saw

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