Grammar Exercises with answers | Passive Voice

Grammar Exercises with answers | Passive Voice

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Choose the correct answer:

1.    The plan  by the congress.

 has approved
 has been approved
 is been approved
 had approved

2.    The wallet  on the pavement.

 has found
 was found
 has been find

3.    New Zealand  by the Maoris.

 was discovered
 had discovered
 has discovered

4.    We  to the concert, but we didn’t go.

 ‘ll be invidted
 were invited
 were inviting
 have invited

5.    The building  by a great architect.

 is being built
 has being built
 is been built
 is being building

6.    The director  for his movie.

 was been rewarded
 has been rewarded
 had rewarded
 has been rewarding

7.    The room was smelling nice, it .

 has been
 were cleaned
 had been cleaned
 have been cleaned

8.    He disappeared two months ago. He  since.

 isn’t seen
 hasn’t seen
 hasn’t been seen
 havn’t been seen

9.    It is time for the match 

 to play
 to be played
 is played
 has been played

10.    I want yours homeworks  by 2pm.

 to finish
 to be finished
 be finished
 to have been finished



  1. has been approved
  2. was found
  3. was discovered
  4. were invited
  5. is being built
  6. has been rewarded
  7. had been cleaned
  8. hasn’t been seen
  9. to be played
  10. to be finished

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