Homonyms | Exercises with answers

Homonyms | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 3

Homonyms are words that are pronounced the same but have a different meaning. Which word is right for each sentence?

  1. I can’t  your gift.
  2. The  of our school is very tall.
  3.  not my fault.
  4.  the food out.
  5. The  is very good today.
  6. Everyone walk down this  please.
  7. Which  are you taking this year?
  8. This is the  time that I’ve told you about this.
  9. I love the  of fresh flowers.
  10. He hired a  to clean his room.


  1. accept
  2. principal
  3. It’s
  4. threw
  5. weather
  6. aisle
  7. course
  8. fourth
  9. scent
  10. maid

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