How to apologize in English (expressing apology)

How to apologize in English pdf

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Apologies if…
Excuse me
Excuse me. Do you know what time it is?
How stupid / careless / thoughtless of me.
I am so sorry for…
I apologize for being late.
I apologize for…
I beg your pardon?
I beg your pardon.
I demand an apology.
I don’t want to impose on / upon your hospitality.
I don’t want to impose.
I don’t want to interrupt.
I don’t want to keep you waiting.
I don’t want to take up your time.
I don’t want to waste your time.
I made a stupid mistake…
I must apologize for…
I owe you an apology
I shouldn’t have…
I was only trying to…
I wouldn’t like to bother you.
I’d like to apologize for being late. / I must apologize for being late / Please accept my apologies for being late
I’m really sorry.
I’m so sorry for being late.
I’m sorry but I have no time to talk.
I’m very sorry for stepping on your foot.
I’d like to apologize for…
I’m ashamed of…
I’m genuinely sorry.
I’m so sorry !
I’m very / deeply / terribly / extremely sorry
If you will excuse me, …
It was all my fault.
It was not my intention to…
It’s my fault that…
My bad
No problem. / Not at all. / It’s OK. / No worries. / Don’t worry about it. / It’s quite all right.
Pardon (me)
Pardon me for this.
Please accept our (sincerest) apologies.
Please don’t be mad at me.
Please excuse my (ignorance)
Please forgive me for… (+ Verb-ing)
Please, accept my apologies for…
Please, forgive me for…
Sorry I’m late.
Sorry to interrupt, but…
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Sorry, I didn’t mean to…
That’s the end of it. / Think nothing of it.
That’s my fault.
There is no excuse for …
Apology accepted
Don’t mention it
Don’t worry about it
Forget about it
I forgive you
I understand.
It doesn’t matter
It’s all good
Never mind.
No harm done
No need to apologize.
No worries
That’s all right
That’s OK
You couldn’t help it


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