How to Explain Something in English

How to Explain Something in English

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Can you explain . . .
after all
as a matter of fact
as much as anything
at bottom
by extension
Can I get back to you on that?
Can we save that until later?
Can you tell me why . . .
due to unforeseen circumstances
for example / for instance
for one reason or another
for reasons of economy/safety/security etc
Here’s what happened:
i mean (to say)
I’ll explain (a little) later.
I’m sorry. I can’t tell you that (right now).
in case
in other words / to put it another way
in that
in the first place
it’s just that…
it’s not that…it’s just that
judging by/from something
Let me explain.
Let me tell you why . . .
on this/that account
pure and simple
so to speak
that is to say
The reason is . . .
the rest is history
the thing is
the whole point
there it is/there you are/there you go
There’s a (good) reason for this:
to put it in a nutshell
to put it mildly
to put it simply
We’ll come to that later.
We’ll get to that in a few minutes.
Well, . . .
What happened . . .
you see


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