How to Start a Conversation in English pdf

How to Start a Conversation in English

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Are you a friend of Mrs Dawson?
Are you going out this evening?
Are you having a good time?
Are you still working for Samsung?
Beautiful day, isn’t it?
Can / Could / May I ask you a question?
Can we get down to business?
Can you spare me a few minutes, please?
Did you catch the news today?
Did you get here OK?
Do take a seat. / Do sit down.
Do you do any sport in your free time?
Do you feel like a drink?
Do you have any hobbies?
Do you know many people here?
Do you know what time is it please?
Do you mind me asking…?
Drinks on me.
Excuse-me, have you got a light?
Have we met before?
Have you been here before?
Have you read any good books recently?
Have you worked here long?
Hi, I’m …. .  I wanted to introduce myself.
Hi, I’m …. . What brings you here?
How are things? / How’s life?
How are you getting on?
How did you become a dentist?
How do you know her?
How old’s your baby?
How was the traffic this morning?
How was the weather in London when you left?
How’s business?
How’s business? [informal]
I almost didn’t recognize you!
I like your bag!
I love the coffee here. Have you tried it before?
I love your dress. Can I ask where you got it?
I really like your new hairstyle.
I’d like to talk to you.
Is everything OK?
Is this your first visit here?
Isn’t it a lovely day?
It looks like it’s going to snow.
It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? / Long time no see!
It’s good to see you again!
Looking forward to the weekend?
Lovely day today, isn’t it?
Lovely weather, isn’t it?
Nice day, isn’t it?
Nothing wrong, I hope?
Please come in. / Come in please.
Please take a seat
Pretty nice place, huh?
There’s something I want to tell you.
What advice can you give me?
What are you happy about?
What are you worried about?
What can I do for you?
What do you think about this transit strike?
What do you think of the food here?
What do you think of the new Iphone?
What does your name mean?
What have you been up to?
What time do you leave for work?
What TV shows do you like to watch?
What was the last concert you went to?
What will you have?
What would you like to drink?
What you been up to lately?
What’s happening? / What’s going on?
What’s your puppy’s name?
What’s the next trip you have planned?
What’s the strangest compliment you’ve ever gotten?
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
What’s your favorite thing to do around here on the weekends?
Where did you study?
Where did you work before you started here?
Where’s the last place you traveled?
Will you join me?
Won’t you have a drink?
Would you care to join me?
Would you do something for me?
Would you like to go to the cinema tonight?
You look great today.
You look in great shape!


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