How to talk about the future in English

How to talk about the future in English

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It’s going to happen (quite / very) soon.
..will happen in our lifetimes
All right, I’ll get on it.
Any second / minute / day now,
Are you doing anything tomorrow?
As soon as I can.
Before long,
Busy tomorrow?
Economic recovery is just around the corner.
Everything Tom predicted came true.
Go outside first thing in the morning when you wake up
Got any plans for tomorrow?
Have you got anything on tomorrow?
Have you got anything planned for tomorrow
How’s tomorrow looking?
I can’t predict what’ll happen.
I can’t wait until…
I’ll do it later.
I’ll do it right away.
I’ll do my best.
I’m (really / so) looking forward to..
I’m (really) dreading…
I’m counting the days till…
I’m saving up to…
I’m trying to put off… as long as I can
I’ve set my heart on…
In (just) a few minutes..
In (just) a moment / minute..
In the distant future, the sun will disappear.
In the near future…
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
Not long now.
One day, I’m going to have to…
Paul does a pretty good job of forecasting the weather.
Someday people will live on mars.
Sooner or later I’ll get round to…
Sooner or later.
The children are counting the days to Christmas.
The elections are just around the corner.
The first cuts in our budget are a sign of things to come.
This study foreshadows great changes in our system of education.
Time will tell.
Tina’s prediction proved true.
We’re planning to move in the near future.
What are you doing tomorrow?
What results do you anticipate?
What’s happening tomorrow?
What’s on the cards for tomorrow?
What’s your plan for tomorrow?



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