How to talk about the weather in English

How to talk about the weather in English

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What’s the weather like today?
It’s cloudy
It’s clearing up.
Can you believe this weather?
That storm was horrible.
Will it be windy tomorrow?
It’s been so cold!
It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?
The weather is dreadful.
It’s pouring down.
It’s raining.
It’s sunny.
It’s windy.
The downpour caused a lot of flooding.
The sun has just come out.
The clouds are passing.
We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather this winter, haven’t we?
We’re looking forward to it warming up!
Where can I find a weather forecast?
Not a cloud in the sky!
Nice weather, isn’t it?
Glorious day, isn’t it?
What’s the temperature?
It’s cold / warm / hot.
It’s freezing cold today!
It’s scorching hot.
It’s stifling hot.
The bitter cold was unexpected.
I’m really cold.
Autumn is often chilly and damp.
Did you hear the weather forecast?
The weather forecast is good.
There might be some rain over Lyon.
Chilly temperatures are expected
It will be cloudy with sunny spells over Paris.
Heavy snow falls are expected.
The bitter cold is expected to continue into Friday.
Thunderstorms are expected this afternoon.
We are expecting the temperature to cool down this week.
Snow and ice continue to cause travel disruption.
They’re calling for 10 centimetres of snow on Tuesday.


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