How to talk about your job in English

How to talk about your job in English

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I’m a doctor
I am in charge of marketing.
I am in charge of training employees.
I am responsible for customer accounts.
I am responsible for watering the plants.
I do a bit of painting.
I earn my living as a nurse  .
I have my own business
I import French food.
I mainly handle claims.
I mainly write reports.
I make websites (for a living).
I program computers.
I recruit and train employees.
I repair jet engines.
I represent (the) XYZ (company).
I take care of corporate accounts.
I take care of corporate accounts.
I usually answer customers’ questions.
I usually answer telephones.
I work as a teacher.
I work for a restaurant.
I work for ABC Company.
I work for myself je travaille à mon compte
I work in … the cinema industry
I work in an office / a restaurant
I’m a professional dancer.
I’m an underwriter.
I’m in marketing.
I’m in the car business.
I’m looking for a job
I’m not working at the moment
I’m responsible for sales.
I’m retired
I’m self-employed
I’m unemployed
I’m with ABC.
I’ve got a full-time job
I’ve got a part-time job
I’m responsible for …
My day job is hairdressing.
Our company is located in…
Our headquarters is in…
Our major products are…
Parler de son entreprise:
The name of our company is…
We are in the computer business.
We build storage units.
We design software.
We manufacture…
We produce small appliances.
We produce…
We sell…
We’re in computers
We’re in the insurance business.
What (type of business) do you do?
What are you in charge of?
What business are you in?
What company do you work for?
What do you do (in your job)?
What do you do at ABC Company?
What do you do exactly?
what do you do for a living?
what do you do?
What does your company do?
What is the name of your company?
What is your main job?
what line of work are you in?
what sort of work do you do?
Where are you located?
Which company are you with?
Who do you represent?
who do you work for?


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