Irregular Verbs Worksheets (with answers + PDF)

Irregular Verbs Worksheets 

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 5

Complete the following sentences by putting the verb in brackets in the appropriate form:

  1. The police finally (catch)  the murderer.
  2. My friend (choose)  a nice present for his mum’s birthday.
  3. I (hear)  a stange noise outside.
  4. She (speak)  italian to the waitress.
  5. We (swim)  500 metres.
  6. I (lend)  her 100 €.
  7. She (keep)  her promise.
  8. I (feel)  bad to leave her by herself.
  9. We (drive)  all night long.
  10. Tom was (hide)  in the garage.


  1. caught
  2. chose
  3. heard
  4. spoke
  5. swam
  6. lent
  7. kept
  8. felt
  9. drove
  10. hidden

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