Mixed prepositions exercise | English Grammar

Mixed prepositions exercise | English Grammar

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Exercise 7

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition:

  1. Please wait  of the house.
  2. The post office is right  the street.
  3. She sank  the surface of the water.
  4. The bank is a little way  this road.
  5. Her house is just  the bus stop.
  6. I felt the ground moving   my feet.
  7. Canada is located just  the USA.
  8. The bank worker is standing  the counter.                                                
  9. His horse jumped  the fence.
  10. He felt dizzy and had to lean   the wall for support.
  11. I keep a flashlight  my bed.
  12. I looked  the box but couldn’t find it.
  13. There is a big park  my school.
  14. There is a bridge  the two shores
  15. She sat  him on the bus.
  16. He threw the keys  the table.
  17. We walked  the lake.
  18. He divided the apples  the three of us.                                        
  19. Tom has a scar just  his left eye.
  20. How many passengers were  the Titanic?


  1. outside
  2. across
  3. under
  4. along
  5. opposite
  6. beneath
  7. above
  8. behind                                     
  9. over
  10. against
  11. beside
  12. into
  13. near
  14. between
  15. next to
  16. onto
  17. around
  18. among                                   
  19. below
  20. aboard

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