Mixed prepositions exercise with answers

Mixed prepositions exercise | English Grammar

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Exercise 10

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition:

  1. I’m a little confused  her reaction.
  2. You’re not jealous   him, are you?
  3. Eating vegetables is good   you.
  4. They were always very good   me.
  5. The people of Syria are tired   civil war and suffering.
  6. You are getting married? I’m so happy   you!
  7. She was dressed   red.
  8. We can be justly proud   our achievements.
  9. He’s really good   basketball.
  10. I’m a bit nervous   flying to Paris by myself.


  1. by
  2. of
  3. for
  4. to
  5. of
  6. for
  7. in
  8. of
  9. at
  10. about

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