Much, many, a lot of | Exercise with answers

Much, many, a lot of | Exercise with answers

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Choose the right answer: MUCH, MANY, A LOT, A LOT OF, LOTS:

  1. They eat  cookies.
  2. I watched  movies last week.
  3. I have got  money.
  4. I visited  European cities.
  5. Do you like soccer? Yes  .
  6. Were there  people at the concert? Yes, there were  .
  7. Sarah is popular. She’s got  friends. Claire does not have  .
  8. We have  oranges.
  9. We don’t have  apples, and we don’t have  fruit juice.
  10. Do you have any bread? Sure, there’s  in the kitchen.”
  11. How  is this? It’s twenty dollars.
  12. How  do you want? Seven, please.
  13. He’s very busy; he has  work.
  14. Tina has  rice, but Paul doesn’t have  .
  15. Rome has  beautiful monuments.


  1. a lot of
  2. many
  3. lots of
  4. many
  5. a lot
  6. many / a lot
  7. a lot of / many
  8. a lot of
  9. many / much
  10. a lot
  11. much
  12. many
  13. a lot of
  14. a lot of / much
  15. a lot of

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