Past Simple exercises worksheets

Past Simple exercises worksheets

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Exercise 6

Ask a question using the word in parenthesis:

  1. (you/see)   that new movie last night?
  2. Why (they/say)   that to her?
  3. When (Simon/arrive)   in Las Vegas?
  4. (they/tell)   about Sarah’s wedding?
  5. How (you/do)   that?
  6. (you/smoke)   a cigarette last night?
  7. (she/learn)   how to speak german?
  8. (Louis/speak)   with you already?
  9. (they/tell)   you about the accident?
  10. When (he/watch)   that movie?


  1. Did you see that new movie last night?
  2. Why did they say that to her?
  3. When did Simon arrive in Las Vegas?
  4. Did they tell about Sarah’s wedding?
  5. How did you do that?
  6. Did you smoke a cigarette last night?
  7. Did she learn how to speak german?
  8. Did Louis speak with you already?
  9. Did they tell you about the accident?
  10. When did he watch that movie?


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