Past Simple Tense – Grammar Exercises

Past Simple Tense – Grammar Exercises

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Exercise 7

Put the verbs in past simple tense :

  1. We  for Paris yesterday. (leave)
  2. My friend  (travel) to Japan last year.
  3. I  (live) with my grandparents when I was a child.
  4. We  (work) the whole night.
  5. She  (spend) the whole day working at the mall.
  6. We  (play) video games for an hour.
  7. Our team  (win) the rugby trophy last year.
  8.  you not  (receive) my letter?
  9. She   (not know) what she was supposed to do.
  10. The dog   (enter) the room when I was sleeping.


  1. left
  2. traveled
  3. lived
  4. worked
  5. spent
  6.  played
  7. won
  8. Did you not receive
  9. did not know
  10. entered

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